Psychotherapy is an opportunity to explore your feelings and understand how they may effect your life.

I am an Integrative psychotherapist – this means I draw on a number of ideas from the oldest forms of psychotherapy to more recent methods of treatment. I see psychotherapy as an opportunity to explore our feelings and how they effect us the way they do. I don’t think this process 'cures' people or changes what has happened in the past, I do believe that it can enable people to move on and get back to leading vibrant and fulfilling lives. It can also help people grow and realise previously hidden potential enabling them to truly become themselves.

To give you an idea of what it would be like to start this process with me here is a brief outline of what might happen.

If you decided that you wanted to make contact you could phone or email me and we could arrange to meet. In this initial meeting (of 50 minutes) we could talk about what is going on in your life right now and any anxieties you have about either meeting with me or the process of psychotherapy itself. We might discuss what you want to achieve out of this – your goals if you like – and I could explain what I would expect from you in regards of cancellations and appointment times.